• It's more than garage storage. It's your life.

    It's more than garage storage.
    It's your life.

  • It's more than garage storage. It's your life.

    It's more than garage storage.
    It's your life.

  • It's more than garage storage. It's your life.

    It's more than garage storage.
    It's your life.

  • It's more than garage storage. It's your life.

    It's more than garage storage.
    It's your life.



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    Free Consultation

    Free Consultation

    We will answer all your questions, pre-check the garage and find out the goals free of charge.

    Industry Experts

    Industry Experts

    Our team has worked with major projects, which guarantees 100% implementation of any of your ideas.

    Locally Owned

    Locally Owned

    We are a local operator and owner, so by contacting us you will strengthen our further cooperation.

    The Best Garage Storage in Philadelphia

    Dream Garage Remodeling provides expert assistance with any garage organization project. We use the Gorgeous Garage Storage System, which is the best in all of Philadelphia for garage storage needs. Thanks to us, you can store several thousand pounds in a third of the space.

    Guaranteed Products – Homeowners turn to our experts to design and installation of garage systems throughout the Philadelphia area. Our approach affects the convenience and appearance of the space, which is complemented by beautiful melamine cabinets, powder coated shelving, overhead racks with the highest durability and gorgeous flooring.

    Quality materials – we use only high-quality materials in the creation of garages that ensure the safety of your workers and products. At the same time, we offer a guarantee in case of any problems that lie on our shoulders.

    Years of experience – we have been designing storage systems for many years, which makes us the best in Philadelphia. By contacting us every customer can be assured of high-quality design and implementation of the storage system. At the same time, we have enough knowledge and materials to implement any ideas.

    A unique approach to each client – we offer customized storage system design services that meet the stated requirements of our customers. Our team provides several popular ready-made solutions with flexible customization.

    The best investment – having your own storage space is a great investment that serves as a constant time and financial savings. You no longer need to transport and store things outside your garage.


    • Thomas B. – Philadelphia, PA

      Incredible professionals, got everything done on time and within my modest budget. Would recommend to anyone.

      Thomas B. – Philadelphia, PA

    • Michael D. – Philadelphia, PA

      The Monkey Bars system is incredible. I especially want to thank Ari and Lenny, they did a great job, thank you!

      Michael D. – Philadelphia, PA

    • Ryan – Philadelphia, PA

      It took a couple of weeks from start to finish installing the system. Wasn’t expecting this level. Would definitely recommend it.

      Ryan – Philadelphia, PA

    • Richard O. – Philadelphia, PA

      Boy, my gloomy garage has turned into a garage of covers! Thank you guys for doing such a quality job.

      Richard O. – Philadelphia, PA

    • Scott P. – Philadelphia, PA

      Working with Lenny, a great specialist, everything was easy and fast. The end result was incredibly satisfying.

      Scott P. – Philadelphia, PA

    • Jake S. – Newton, PA

      It’s a miracle!!! Thanks to the whole team for the quick design and installation of the garage, I loved it all!

      Jake S. – Newton, PA

    • Chris & Christine M. – Richboro, PA

      Our garage looks brand new! It’s absolutely amazing just how much the Monkey Bars system can accomplish and our garage flooring is more beautiful than we could have imagined. Thank you Lenny!

      Chris & Christine M. – Richboro, PA

    • Keiko K. – Philadelphia, PA

      Thank you for installing the Monkey Bars system. I’m happy to see the clean garage finally!

      Keiko K. – Philadelphia, PA

    • Ken – Philadelphia PA

      My new garage looks really great! Thank you Lenny!

      Ken – Philadelphia PA

    • Alex G. – Richboro, PA

      Excellent job – Neat, fast, pleasant, and professional service. Floor came out really beautiful. Highly recommend this company, they did an awesome job. Thank you so very much!

      Alex G. – Richboro, PA

    • Brian F. – Philadelphia, PA

      Lenny Kelman was thorough and knowledgeable about the product. He installed the monkey bar system very efficiently and neatly and was a pleasure to work with.

      Brian F. – Philadelphia, PA

    A Shelf Above the Rest

    We provide the strongest shelves available on the market. Thanks to our designs, 1,000 pounds of items can be safely placed and stored on a 4-foot surface. To find out about our designs please contact us using a convenient form or by calling our contact number. We are ready to complete even the most difficult tasks to help you with storage in the garage.

    How we can store things in a garage in the Philly area.

    • With our patented technology
    • With our unique shelving system and other technologies
    Dream Garage Remodeling Co. - A SHELF ABOVE THE REST
    Dream Garage Remodeling Co. - CUSTOM GARAGE SLATWALL

    Garage customization to your needs

    A small storage space in your garage will turn into a mess after a couple of years. Working in such a room is uncomfortable and tedious. We offer the best solution to this problem, namely slatwall panels for the garage in Philadelphia. Thanks to our technology, you will be able to place oversized items even in the tightest spaces.


    Compared to conventional shelving and our multi-layer technology, we outperform conventional solutions many times over. With a single shelf and several crossbars, you can utilize the entire space of your garage, turning it into an optimized and pleasing to the eye room. We have been in business for many years and not once have we received a bad review or a refund request!


    Like what you see? Now’s the time to get serious and figure out how you can get your very own system!

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